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Solutions at work   Reinforced Bar Cutting Machine :: Bar Cutter :: Shear Cutter :: Sheet Cutter

   Strong and Durable  Uncompromised Sharpness

Rebar Cutting Machine Manufacturer

It's been over 30 years that we have received an honour to service the worldwide market with our Rebar Cutting Machine and Sheet Cutting Machine

* Hand-Operated Rebar Cutter
* Hand-Operated Sheet Cutter

Our cutters are well designed to deliver
* Convenience with its compact size
* Easy carry to your worksite.
* Smooth cutting with its high quality blades
* Durability with its sturdy unit
* Hi-Performance Blades that ensure your sharp cut

It is our objective to take great care to every production process to ensure that QUALITY never be compromised.


What is Rebar?


A rebar (short for reinforeced bar) is a common steel bar that is widely used as a tensioning device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures. It is also known as reinforcing steel, reinforcement steel, rerod, deformeed bar, reo, as well as reo bar. It is formed from carbon steel and is given ridges for better frictional adhesion to concrete.


Rebar cutting machine

Contractors work with rebars in their projects. With these strong structural steel components, it is not an easy job to cut through these rebars (reinforced bars). A special designed cutting tool is required to make the process easier and safer than using a cutting torch or adapting another steel cutting tools.

A rebar cutter can work in several ways. Some are electricity-driven while some are manual or hand-operated.
The electricity-driven rebar cutter is handy but could be a hassle as it either needs batteries or access to power outlet to plug in. The use is limited to only work sites that are well equipped with all the infrastructures. They are not suitable to the work sites that have limited access to power supply.


Zim-Zeem brand Rebar Cutter

Same like other commodities in the market, the quality of rebar cutting machines on the market can vary considerably. Some may not be able to handle thicker rebar while others can make a nice cut at a glance.

Choose QUALITY Rebar Cutter, Choose ZIM-ZEEM

Zim-Zeem brand Rebar Cutter is specially designed to assist contractors or operators do their jobs easier.
NO Hassle
NO Electricity
HANDY Design
STURDY Construction

See our Rebar Cutter Specification here

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